Trinity Members,

Thank you so much for helping us schedule these member check-in meetings. We sincerely look forward to connecting with each and everyone of you, we are praying that these meetings will encourage you and strengthen Trinity.

A few ground rules for scheduling:
1) If married, both spouses should be present for the meeting
2) Only one (1) family per week! If a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday is not available on a given week, that means you should look to the next week with all three days available. Please avoid Holidays.
3) There are two starting time options, either 11:30 or 12:30 - we anticipate these lunch meetings taking 60 minutes.
4) Location is flexible, when you sign up for the meeting you will be given the option to tell us what location works best.
5) We know not everyone can make a lunch work, but we want to start this way and get as far as possible. Do everything you can to make these days/times work!

If you have questions please let us know!
Mark & Grant